About Us

Pluralist which stands for Patient-centered precision digital health education has been created to challenge the current paradigm and achieve equity in advanced diseases and organ transplantation. Pluralist is a sustainable, cost-effective health education program that is large-scale, uses data and artificial intelligence to learn about the needs of the community and tailor proper education intervention using social networks and digital media. The goal of this ongoing educational content will be to reduce the growing incidence of organ failure and transplants, while increasing the availability of donor organs and access to life-saving transplantation regardless of a patient’s socioeconomic standing.

Launch Event

Pluralist Precision Health Education Launch Event April 21, 2022 at UC Davis Medical Center.


Information Collection

Using multiple sources of information, PLURALIST characterizes the need and characteristics of every community.


Working with a community-centered committee composed by patients, members of the community and health professionals among others, PLURALIST researchers gather the information necessary to make educational material most relevant for the members of the communities and groups within them.

Educational Contents

PLURALIST works with creative individuals and organizations to develop the most relevant content. Patient testimonials, interviews and pop culture are used to create educational content that will be shared among targeted communities to support health decisions, especially among minorities.

Social Network Interventions

Using the different social and digital media channels, PLURALIST delivers the educational information to as many members of the community as possible and measures the impact it generates.

Artificial Intelligence

PLURALIST’s machine learning algorithm learns about the delivery and impact of the created educational content, and adjusts the intervention to ensure that every individual has the same likelihood to receive it and that is relevant to them.


The more PLURALIST “educates”, the more it learns about what works and what doesn’t work for a specific community and the impact it generates to allow refinement along with the community centered committee. Consequently, PLURALIST will grow and obtain optimal results.